Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. Many people worry about how AI might affect jobs. Will it take away our jobs? If so, which ones? Can we keep up with the changes? While these concerns are real, I don’t share them.

Keyboard plugged into computer screen illustrating a creative asset generated by AI.
Photo by Pramod Tiwari on Unsplash

Instead of stressing over AI’s possible downsides, let’s think about how we can use it to our benefit. First, I am concerned about the ethics of AI’s design and use. But, I know worry about jobs won’t help. I’d rather focus on learning new skills. How can we embrace AI to make our contributions more valuable.

AI can change how we work for the better. It can make us more efficient and productive. Using generative AI in business has increased users’ performance by 66% on average. Rather than seeing AI as a threat, let’s see it as a tool to boost our skills and spark new ideas in various industries. My goal is to adapt and thrive. Not to mention, save time in the process!

Quick advice: Use AI to learn new skills, rethink how you do your current job, or start new ventures with less cash. I’m leveraging AI to expand my output the following ways:

  • Brainstorm blog post ideas
  • Enhance the research process
  • Craft landing pages and ad copy
  • Spin up user surveys and quizzes
  • Interpret my voice and tone to help with writing
  • Generate creative assets for blog posts
  • Automate regular processes
  • Simplify my writing for better readability

These use cases only scratch the surface. More importantly, my message is about being hopeful and taking charge. Instead of fearing the future, decide to focus on your zone of control. Create a future where AI helps boost your productivity while saving time. Increase your competitiveness and value. After all, I’d rather spend more time exploring museums, riding my bike, and soaking up the sun.