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My Skillshare classes. One of my proudest accomplishments. See me featured in a commercial where I did the voiceover.

I co-founded a travel tech company called El Camino. Certainly, you won’t find better travel tips or a more inclusive community of women travelers than this one.

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Hi there. I’m Justin Bridges. I’m an entrepreneurial brand builder, and a creative.

I love problem solving with talented founders and teams. I have a strong aversion for bio writing. Therefore, here is my attempt below.

1.) I’ve strategized and created visual imagery for some of the coolest and iconic brands you’ll scroll on your Instagram feed. Some of my favorites are Kith, Rowing Blazers, Moscot, Shiseido, Cash App, and High Snobiety.

2.) I have co-founded a VC-backed startup and took it from $0 to $3M in 2 years.

3.) I became a marketer in a circuitous way. First, I started a career at Goldman Sachs during a recession. Then, I became obsessed with photography to soothe my creative spirit. Subsequently, I held roles at J. Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue and in PR. After that, I went independent to support brands full time.

4.) Fun fact, I took a risk and taught a class for Skillshare. Little did I know, 5 years later, I would have produced 5 classes seen by over 100,000 students totaling more than 5M (million!) minutes watched. You can even watch on American Airlines!

5.) I come from a disadvantaged background. Hence, my life experience has shaped and empowered my WHY in incredible ways. My co-founder and I, are both underrepresented. We hustled hard to raise money. As a result, I want to support founders and entrepreneurs, like us, scale their visions by helping people fall in love with their brands.

6.) I’m sure I’ll regret this, but I would do this work for free. Building brands, solving tough problems, supporting underrepresented founders… It would be hard to find another career capable of getting me out of bed.

Welcome to my blog.