I’m foolish. It seems like the prevailing advice is that SEO is dead and blogs no longer have a place on the internet.

Can you only be a creator if you have YouTube channel and a podcast?

I don’t care. It’s always been my belief that the most satisfying forms of renumeration come on the tailwinds of things you’d do for free. Turns out, I love writing and helping people.

Another crazy thing: I haven’t figured out a business plan. I’m building blind. I know there are a couple things driving me. 

Learning WordPress

It’s the journey, not the destination. I always wanted to learn WordPress. Though I’ve tried many times over the years, I often gave up. Ultimately, relying on drag-and-drop web design tools with easy user interfaces like Squarespace.

However, now there are tons of tools like Elementor to help you design with more ease and less stress.

Learning WordPress unlocks tons of customizations and integrations. If you have the patience, it can be far more powerful than other solutions. I highly recommend it if you’re trying to monetize your website. Otherwise, any of the other options are fine.

Learning New Skills

WordPress is one thing, but SEO is another. As a marketing consultant, I don’t need to be an expert at every marketing activity. As businesses grow, they can afford to hire more specialized employees or pay for agencies and freelance talent. 

That being said, I work with a lot with early stage startups. Early stage companies are often cash strapped and need to focus their spending on engineering their products. Therefore, I’m supporting small marketing teams with limited budgets. I love building a strategy, but it’s also fun to get my hands dirty too.

Luckily, writing more strategic content gives me a chance to sharpen my professional writing skills. If you haven’t seen my creative writing, you should subscribe here

Making Advice Accessible

Transparently, I’ll probably find a way to monetize my efforts with this website. I’m a serial entrepreneur after all. However, my primary motivation is to share meaningful ideas and insights that can reach people looking to grow their businesses and careers.

Not everyone can afford an pricey marketing consultant (wink wink), or a fancy business coach. It’s also hard to tell which of the multiple thousand dollar online classes are worth the money. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some really valuable, non-generic advice for free or at an affordable price?

Welcome to Founderside

Welcome aboard. Couple last remarks for transparency purposes. There will be no AI generated content. Although, I may use AI to improve my writing as I sometimes get verbose. Some articles will be casual, off-the-cuff like this one. Others will be a bit more polished and optimized for SEO purposes. I think of it as a way for you to actually find me and my great content.

Oh, and make sure to sign up so you don’t miss any updates.