When you google how to start a business you’ll find everyone from governments to SaaS companies have a guide. How to start your business in 11 steps by Forbes and How to start a business with no money and no ideas from Wandering Aimfully piqued my interest. Internet content can be amazingly helpful, and useless at the same time.

What I mean is that writing articles for the internet is formulaic if you want to get ranked and drive traffic. That’s the purpose of SEO, and it’s hard to be upset because its goal is to get the best information where it needs to go efficiently. However, everything needs an algorithm to work, and those algorithms are formulas that humans will follow to succeed.

I’m writing a daily journal entry, so it’s not my goal to rank every article I post on my blog. Therefore, I’m here to say, if you’re looking for some basic insights on getting a business off the ground, any of those search results will work. If you’re really wondering how to start a business and you feel stuck, I have my own piece of advice for you — Just do it. Thanks Nike!

Trust me, I know this may seem hyperbolic, but it’s true. While there are several steps to get a business off the ground, I’ve found the biggest blocker for entrepreneurs is just getting started. Yes, you should absolutely do your research, create a business plan, get your finances in order, and figure out all the legal stuff. You’re going to need to brand it, market it, and make sure customers want what you’re selling.

Real talk, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. I’m a chronic business starter. If you want to know how to start a business in 2024, just start.