No one milked more pleasure out of the Bumble celibacy ad fiasco than Feeld. It felt like when an opponent makes a brilliant chess move. Then, they lose their queen the next turn. Bumble attempted to navigate murky dating waters with a celibacy ad. Instead, it felt cringy. Like, saying the quiet part out loud. Enter Feeld, the dating app that somehow has always been the cool, open-minded kid in the room, saying, “We got this.”

Feeld responded to Bumble's celibacy ad blunde

Feeld has always marked the celebration of a range of desires and identities. It also celebrates the relationships these lead to. These are very different from the age-old right-swipe-for-love. So, when Bumble fumbled the bag, Feeld leapt into action. In fact, they were the voice of confidence. Living their values, their response was clear. Dating should be about the ways that feel right for you. That could be celibacy, polyamory, or something in between.

The Bumble campaign tried to appeal to women by ignoring their concerns. Notably, trying to convince women to return to the app instead of affirming their choice. Even worse, let men pay for access. In contrast, Feeld’s response was a lesson in confident humility. They know their audience and support them in whatever choice they make. Feeld’s response is surgical. Stay true to your mission and values. No need for gimmicks.