Brands can learn from content creators. Content creators do something beautifully, everyday. It’s something brands have a hard time doing the older or bigger they become. Doing this one thing is the key to their success. It increases their probability of going viral. In fact, failing to do this early usually results in never getting started.

Drumroll, please. Content creators are great at having bad ideas. Seriously, it sounds simple but it’s difficult. We’re constantly talking about seemingly overnight success stories. Brands and content creators making 6-figures per month that appear out of thin air. Truthfully, instant success is rare.

More often, success comes from months and years of toiling along with little attention. Fortunately, the more bad ideas and low engagement videos you create, the more you learn. Along the way, different ideas will pop off more than others. Doubling down into the resonating ideas leads to more wins. As I said before, it’s simple but it’s hard work.

There’s a time and place to create your best, polished work. However, brands should learn from content creators. Aiming for perfection is a productivity killer. It prevents creating and learning. It’s okay that your ideas don’t always land. Life is a series of fits and starts.

Other lessons we can learn from content creators

Here are some ideas or lessons you can use to get comfortable with releasing bad ideas into the world.

  • A/B Test: Treat each creation as a test. Instead of viewing yourself as an artist, be a scientist.
  • Social Media Testing: Publish your creations on temporary accounts. Works best with TikTok. Or, treat your current accounts like the laboratory.
  • Treat your ideas like rough drafts: When you press upload, know that you’re going to circle back and make a better version if there is traction.
  • Set realistic goals: Stop planning on a viral hit with each idea. What if your goal was the creation, not the outcome?
  • Remember the wins: Reflect on times when you’ve had success without perfection.
  • PRESS DELETE: It’s true, everything on the internet is forever. Fortunately, memories are short, especially for social content. If you really don’t like your content, delete it and try again.

Moral of the story. Accept you will have bad ideas. Set yourself free.